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terms of sale

The sculptures presented in this gallery are for sale after the draw a numbered bronze from the original that is mostly clay. They are produced according to the code of ethics of art foundries as the "ORIGINAL" and made of up to 12 copies even if the composition or color of the alloy are not the same for each of the 12 pieces.
Among the originals, the first 8 will be numbered 1/8, 2/8, etc. Arabic numerals.
The other 4 called "artist proofs" are numbered EAI / IV Ëàïî / IV, etc. in Roman numerals.
The bronze used for casting is an alloy composed mainly of tin and copper, the latter in the proportion of around 85%.

For the avoidance of confusion, there is no sale of terracotta sculptures; the price that will be given to your request, so the price will be a numbered bronze patina.

This price is a "workshop" fare that is to say without taking commission for the same part in the gallery.

Any order is materialized by a contract signed by the two parts defining the conditions for acquiring and settlement.

At the time point of view:
already a sculpture in bronze, will ask a fortnight after receipt of the contract, the receipt of the payment and sending sculpture colisssimo mail with insurance and against signature of the recipient.
For other sculptures in terracotta, the acquisition time will be about 2 ½ months to 3 months according to the schedule of the founder.
Regulation of the amount of the sculpture: For available from the bronze sculptor settlement of the entire sculpture with the order and sent to the purchaser within one week of the receipt. For a bronze to realize: You will be asked, in this case, the settlement of a 50% deposit, which will trigger the order with the depth. The balance will be asked just before recovering the bronze at the foundry is about 15 days before the expected date of receipt of the sculpture to the customer.
Regarding the patina color on the sculptures made terracotta still presented on the gallery; these colors are a subjective choice and are obtained from pigments or paint. They can therefore match the rendering of an incomparable patina on bronze. Of course you can choose the color in your order and guide you to this by viewing samples patina (not exhaustive) that the chipmaker could achieve. http://www.fonderiedart.com/nos-patines/

Those interested in the different stages of making a bronze sculpture, that is to say of the clay to the final patina of bronze can visit the link below posted on my blog:
These steps will better understand the value of a bronze sculpture and often justified its price

Feel free to contact me for more information.
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