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My path, my biography

Nothing predisposed me to an artistic activity since my first job was that of arms. Born in 1952, it was only in 1995, after ending a military career, I could more easily express this desire, buried forever, discovering modeling clay. A new career in the University Hospital of Montpellier me even partially removed from this passion until 2013. Since then, it is as a professional sculptor that I devote myself entirely.

My favorite theme remains the female body. The shapes are round, the clean and harmonious lines, looking for the most important in my feelings in a reality that I refuse to copy up to abstraction.
True to "my master" the sculptor Brancusi, found in my obsessive desire to finish polishing of terracotta sculptures before their draw in the favorite material: bronze.
Exhibitions and numerous awards (of course!) Obtained on various shows, I do not have much common today, now contenting myself to expand my mode of communication and openness to the world of art through my own virtual gallery that I created on the internet there some years.

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