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"The modern and especially contemporary artists have seized all materials ...." said Jean-Christophe Castelain Eye magazine in its presentation intro of "dictionary of modern sculpture" Alain Monvoisin.

Which range from Rodin's sculptures and those of the sculptor Koons? Modern sculptures, contemporary sculptures, recent sculptures without qualification? How to define my sculpture. I will not go into any classification of my works; yes, perhaps a modern sculpture, a sculpture today!
We were all amazed by the sculptures of some sculptors of the nineteenth or twentieth century. As for me, both impressed and inspired me as Henry Moore for his monumental sculptures and especially Constantin Brancusi for its sleek and polished bronzes.

In this spirit, my goal remains the search for harmony, sensuality, fullness, softness and roundness in a simplicity of form to get in late or no patina sculptures, "polished mirror" image of "Miss Pogany" of the "bird" and other bronzes by Brancusi, in this preferred material, bronze,

I therefore propose visiting this gallery, my sculptor discovery trail and take in passing some information about sales conditions of my sculptures price, deadlines, color and patina as possible to go further, send me an email for a first contact. Finally, for lovers of the arts in the region of Montpellier, there is always the possibility of discovering my sculptures on site, having agreed to an appointment.

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